Our Team


Creative Director

Sam is the company director and creative director of Do It Creative, a leading VFX company. With a clear vision for success, Sam's leadership and creative expertise drive our company forward, ensuring exceptional results.


Head of Post Production

Yassine N'choubi is our Head of Production and an expert DI & Colorist. With meticulous attention to detail and deep expertise in colour grading, he enhances the visual aesthetics of our projects. Yassine's leadership and technical skills make him an invaluable asset to our company, ensuring outstanding results for our clients.


VFX Supervisor

Pranab is a highly skilled and experienced VFX supervisor leading our branch in India. With a passion for visual effects and exceptional leadership qualities, he consistently delivers high-quality work and plays a pivotal role in our success. Pranab's expertise and creative vision make him an invaluable asset to our company.


Studio Manager

Ruhi is our efficient studio manager, overseeing daily operations, line production, and maintaining a productive work environment. With her organisational skills and attention to detail, she ensures smooth coordination among team members and efficient execution of projects.